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Share your VeRO List records here.

Please share your VeRO List records and invite your friends, then you will get better and better VeRO protection! This is a seller sponsored project, here is no investment of millions project.

How can I get free VeRO better!

Please share your VeRO List recordings and invite your friends, then you will get better and better VeRO protection!

What is the Verified Rights Owner Program?

The Verified Rights Owner program allows owners of intellectual property rights and their authorized representatives to report that may infringe on those rights. VeRO provide a safe place to buy and sell, which respects property owners rights.

What happens if your listing violates VeRo?

If your listing is violates VeRo policy, Marketplace will remove it as soon as possible.

Selling restrictions or permanent suspension of account. The constant violations of Vero can lead to selling restrictions or the permanent suspension of the account.

Hence, it is important to know how to avoid sourcing the VeRo items and where you can check the VeRo list here.

Where to find VeRo list for eBay?

You can find the eBay Vero list here. Click on the VeRo participant profiles to see the A-Z list of brands can’t sell. But this list is not complete. Or you can use VeRO Search search engine for free.

How to Avoid Listing VeRO Items?

Always make sure to check if the brand is in the VeRO list, be very strict about not publishing items that appear in the VeRO list. Items could be on your store for months and sell well before they get marked as a violation.

Simply try to avoid listing branded items for sale.

Don’t add images with brands’ logo. Creating photo collages for your listing is a well-known practice to avoid your listing be reported as VeRO.

Keep seller account safe!

Share your VeRO List recordings here and use VeRO Search Free.